What Can Be Treated?

[ WHO’s list of conditions that an acupuncturist can successfully treat ]

[ NHS list of what acupuncture can help ]

There are three main areas where the Five Element acupuncturist can be very effective:

a) Long-term conditions

This is when your symptoms are continuous or appear periodically and conventional medical treatment may have little or no effect.
It is often a great help in such cases and may even reduce the need for medication.

Front Acupuncture Meridians

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b) Preventative

Your energy patterns show up any potential health problems before they happen. Treating any energetic aberration helps prevent future illness and promotes good health.

c) Beyond illness

Treatment can help you achieve your full potential physically, mentally and spiritually. This means that it can help you be at your best and get the most out of life.

Most ailments can be helped due to classical acupuncturists addressing the underlying cause of the problem.

Maintaining Health

Once you start to feel better, this renewed sense of well-being can be maintained by periodic treatments. These sessions will continue the healing process and prevent future problems by  keeping your energy in balance.

For most people, a monthly or a seasonal maintenance treatment is sufficient. You can discuss the treatment interval that works best for you with your acupuncturist.

A more general description of acupuncture can be found in this Wikipedia article.


Victor Ong is now no longer practising.