Anatomy of the Spleen Heart Block

This Spleen Heart block can affect a plethora of symptoms including joint pain, hormonal imbalances, headaches, gastric problems and lethargy. It can be caused by constitutional factors, inappropriate lifestyle and/or living environment. Acupuncture will clear the block but it might take more than one treatment before it appears properly. This is because the energy (Qi) needs to be boosted by some treatment first (like a road analogy of low traffic not showing up potential bottlenecks). When it becomes obvious on the “pulse” regions on the wrist, it can be cleared by treating the entry-exit points.

Spleen Heart Stretch

After acupuncture has cleared the block, the patient can keep it clear by Qi-gong style stretches shown in the previous video article – Meridian Stretches.


Transcript of the Video:

The spleen channel starts from the big toe and goes up the legs and up the body and by the side of the chest, and end up just under the arm. The energy does not stop there and continues on to the heart channel. It continues through a deep pathway that connects the exit point of the spleen channel to the entry point of the heart channel. So this is how it happens when everything is working okay. At some time, this energy flow the channel can be blocked. So the energy cannot flow from this into the heart and that’s where acupuncture comes in. It clears the block and the energy continues on its way.

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