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Do you find yourself suffering from low energy levels during the day? Don’t turn to artificial products when you can use these natural remedies! Nothing can ruin your day faster than low energy levels. They leave you feeling unable to accomplish even the simplest tasks. You end up feeling tired, […]

5 Ways to Naturally Combat Low Energy   Recently updated !

We have looked at other entry/exit blocks previously and this particular one is between the Kidney meridian and the Pericardium one. This is in a similar region to the Liver/Lung block, and you can use the same stretching method to keep it clear. As with other blocks, it is natural for […]

Kidney to Pericardium Block

Qi flow through meridians
Acupuncture Nomenclature The names of the meridians developed at a time when the anatomical knowledge was not well established yet. Extra meridians, whose functions were mapped out were given names that did not correspond to any known organ. For example the Triple Burner. Then meridians like the Small Intestine which […]

Acupuncture Meridians

Triple burner exit point
This block can cause local problems including headaches and sore eyes. It can also show symptoms along both the Triple Burner and Gall Bladder meridians. The video shows what happens and how your acupuncturist can clear it. Video duration 2:23 minutes There are no stretches to keep this block clear but […]

Triple Burner to Gall Bladder Block

liv_lung_feat 2
This is one of the most common block. Similar to the spleen-heart block, the cause of this is varied. It happens more post festivities such as Christmas, which is linked with indulging excessively. As the block is cleared by acupuncture treatment, future liver-lung block can be kept at bay with Qi Gong […]

Liver-Lung Block

One of the many functions of an acupuncture treatment is to find blocks in the deep inter-meridian channels and to clear them. These blocks can come back over time with life stresses and constitutional make up. I show patients how to keep the channels clear by specific stretches that are […]

Keep Meridians Unblocked by Stretching

spleen heart block
This Spleen Heart block can affect a plethora of symptoms including joint pain, hormonal imbalances, headaches, gastric problems and lethargy. It can be caused by constitutional factors, inappropriate lifestyle and/or living environment. Acupuncture will clear the block but it might take more than one treatment before it appears properly. This is […]

Anatomy of the Spleen Heart Block

toyah wilcox
Toyah Wilcox was interviewed about her insomnia and how acupuncture helped her. But she found, like a lot of others, that her other conditions are also alleviated by the treatment. Most acupuncturists like myself work “holistically”. This means that it targets whole body healing because many conditions are connected and […]

Toyah Wilcox and Camilla Dallerup Interviews   Recently updated !

Dr Lissa Rankin
Some open-minded physicians are “scientifically” trained, yet they look at their patients as people with more than just flesh and bones. This new way of looking suddenly opens up a better path to optimal health that can work gently yet powerfully. Dr Rankin uses her medical background to present irrefutable […]

Doctor’s Radical View on Healing   Recently updated !

thermograpgy image
Our body’s thermal signature can reveal all types of imbalances behind various symptoms. In this video, acupuncture treatment while using thermography shows how how the body temperature contours are being affected. The video quality is not the best but gives an idea of the concept. Video duration: 7:15 Thermography is […]

Thermography Shows Effects of Needling   Recently updated !