Classical 5-Element Acupuncture

A brief description of Classical Five Element acupuncture.

Many types of Acupuncture

Five Elements CycleThere are many types of acupuncture and each one can be effective in the right context. I practise Five Element Acupuncture but keep in touch with other styles.

I chose this style because I believe it is very complete in its understanding of the nature of human beings. As an acupuncturist, it allows me to help patients in very profound ways.
This acupuncture method also works closely with nature and the natural cycles of life. Hence it stimulates the inate ability of our bodies to heal and allows the patient to participate in the healing process.

The Elements

Classical Five Element is thought to have has its base in ancient acupuncture theory from the period of around 200 BC. It was at this time that the idea of the Elements and their corresponding character types is first thought to have surfaced. The Five Elements — Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood — represent a central aspect of this ancient energetic tradition. Each of the Elements represents a distinct “quality” of the Qi energy as it cycles through nature and the seasons, and through our own lives.
When the energies of the Five Elements are functioning harmoniously, we feel healthy, nourished and fully alive. When the elements move out of balance, we may feel a reduced sense of wellbeing, and we may develop symptoms of various sorts. Symptoms can show up not just in our body but also in our mind, our emotions and in our spirit.

The Treatment Principle

The elements group our body energy into five distinct areas. Early in life or perhaps even in the womb, one of these elements will become the weakest of the group. This weakness will cause health problems to surface in later years and reduce the quality of life. The acupuncturist will establish which this distressed element is at the first consultation and will begin to help revive it. In this way, the Five Element method gives constant attention to the root causes of imbalances and disease. This results in the patient regaining their health and being able to enjoy life again.

Classical Five-Element Acupuncture really works, both to alleviate symptoms and to confer a direct experience of health. Patients experience improvement, often enormous improvement, in well-being, clarity of mind, openness of heart, and in ease of being. Anything that can be said about how and why Classical Five-Element Acupuncture works is insufficient to capture the experience that it works.” The Worsley Institute


Acupuncture With Crystals

Traditionally, acupuncture is practised by inserting needles into carefully chosen points along the energy channels called meridians. The points used are special centres of energy that will result in a balancing or unblocking the whole body energy system. This is how I practice acupuncture for the majority of patients.

laser crystal

However, crystals can be used instead of needles at these energy points. Crystals have always been used in healing, and have been used in high technology (for example quartz crystals in electronics and computers). They have a special ability to focus and channel energy vibrations in a way no other material can. They are ideal for shifting energy in the meridians on the human body.

How are Crystals Used?

During the treatment, natural crystal wands are placed on the surface of the skin at the acupuncture points. The resulting effect is just like using a needle, with the same improvement in energy flow and balance. Clinical results with patients have been excellent when using crystals.

Who Can Benefit from Crystals?

People with needle phobia, those very sensitive to energy, those with severe skin problems and anyone who likes the idea of crystals. The difference is that the person undergoing treatment with crystals will feel very little direct sensation, if at all. Yet using crystals instead of needles results in the same effective healing in most cases. This opens up acupuncture to a wider group of people.

Are Crystals as Good as Needles?

Yes. For the main part of Five Element acupuncture, crystals produce the same results as needles. However, sometimes a patient might need techniques (in addition to the main Five Element system) in which several needles have to be inserted and left in. In such cases, I will inform the patient and give them the choice to have needles.

How Was Crystal Acupuncture Discovered?

Dr. Kath Simmonds, a medical doctor and an acupuncturist, first pioneered this technique. She used it extensively in her clinic before offering to pass the knowledge on to other qualified acupuncturists. I was fortunate to know Kath and attended her course and am now able to offer this treatment method at my practices.

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