Kidney to Pericardium Block

We have looked at other entry/exit blocks previously and this particular one is between the Kidney meridian and the Pericardium one. This is in a similar region to the Liver/Lung block, and you can use the same stretching method to keep it clear.

Kidney & Pericardium Meridians

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As with other blocks, it is natural for you to ask what causes the block. There are many factors that can cause this including constitutional, surgery, injury, pathology, physical trauma, lifestyle, season/climate and even psychosoma effects. And even various combination of items on that list may be the culprit. And as unusual it can be cleared using acupuncture.

There is a slight difference between men and women in which points are used to clear this block. The exit point is the same, Kidney 1, but the entry point of the Pericardium used is PC-1 for men and PC-2 for women. This is because women have larger glands in the breasts that are best avoided when needling. Of course, any medical or cosmetic prosthetic cannot be needled either.

To keep the blocks from coming back, please use the stretching methods shown on this page. The specific stretch you need is the second video on that page, but doing both is perfectly fine and may even help the Qi to flow better.

Video Transcript

Acupuncture for life – kidney to pericardium block. Energy begins in the sole of the feet which is flashing on the screen. So that’s kidney one the start point of the kidney channel and the energy moves up the feet and up the legs it continues up into the body area right till it gets the exit point of the kidney, kidney 22, and at that point the kidney  channel transfer the energy into the pericardium channel, like so, but at times there is a blockage and this blockage prevents the energy from going through to the pericardium. You then have to use acupuncture to clear the blockage and then the energy continue on its way.

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