Liver-Lung Block 2

This is one of the most common block. Similar to the spleen-heart block, the cause of this is varied. It happens more post festivities such as Christmas, which is linked with indulging excessively.

As the block is cleared by acupuncture treatment, future liver-lung block can be kept at bay with Qi Gong style stretches shown in a previous video article.Spleen Heart Stretch

Transcript of video

In this case the energy channel is open that the energy flowing in the liver channel gets to the end but it actually doesn’t stop so it goes into it deep channel which then transfers the energy into the lung meridian and that continues to flow down the arms. In some cases however there is a deep block between the long and liver channels and in this particular occasion energy instead of flowing normally into the lung meridian from the liver, it actually gets blocked and no longer flows and that causes typical problems like headaches, migraines, rashes and just feeling and unwell generally run down. So in this case acupuncture, first of all the exit points are stimulated and then go to the entry point of the lung meridian. This clears the block and the energy can now continue in this way. down the lung meridian.

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2 thoughts on “Liver-Lung Block

  • Sophie Shelley

    Hi, I have recently been advised by a reflexologist that I have a sluggish liver and possible adrenal fatigue. This was whilst on holiday in Portugal. She suggested that I look up a Chinese accupuncturist or homeopath when I get home. I live near Lichfield and work in Cannock. Is this something that you could treat? If so, can I make an appointment to see you? Do you work evenings at all? I look forward to hearing from you.