Pyramid of Health

This article is looks at how you can get the most benefit from your acupuncture treatment. It also looks at the role that some aspect of your lifestyle plays when you are undergoing treatment. *This is a new, improved video, clearer and more concise.*

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The Pyramid of Health will help you get the best from your treatment. Now here is the pyramid we are considering. And basically what we have to do is build on up the foundations of the pyramid. The most fundamental is obviously we need to breathe which means having an ability to survive for more than a few minutes. So enough air is the basic of the Foundation which is essential. On top of that will be liquid. I think the general idea is that if we have maybe seven days without liquid we will expire. So enough of it that will help to stave off dehydration. Somebody who trains quite hard at sports will obviously need a lot more liquid than somebody who sedentary.
The next level is actually three constituents of nutrients which is protein, carbs and fat. Even if you have enough air and liquid, you cannot live in a healthy way without talking these nutrients. Obviously all these also affect our mental state but yet again we are individuals and we need different levels of protein carbs and fat.
These food and liquid also provide us with essential vitamins and minerals and I’m writing this as a layer because not all diets will provide us with all the essential vitamins and minerals that each of us individually will need and the needs will differ for each person. Obviously these are the essential building blocks that we need and without these building blocks to have therapy of any sort would not be as effective as if you have the right level of these. Now if you have these building blocks, four layers of the building blocks at the reasonable level although the optimal amount will be different with different people.
So with these four levels reasonably at the level that allows us to function – what happens is that you can then have therapies that build upon lower levels. I practice acupuncture mainly but what my basic message is that you can then have a therapy but that’s not going to be effective for you if one of these four levels below you are sadly lacking and therefore in my practice where I see a clients/patients that I will actually assess whether or not they are receiving the right levels of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs, fat, water and air. And therefore if you wonder why I will concentrate on your food you can now see why that is. Because you need the right levels to get the best from your therapy. Thank you.

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