Treatment when Season Changes

You might have heard the phrase, acupuncture helps kick-start your own body healing ability. It does this by balancing the Life Forces (“energy”) that your physiological and emotional well-being depend upon. Once you are in better energetic balance, the body’s self-healing takes care of you automatically. But the stresses and demands of modern life can undermine this balance. This is especially so when the season changes. Our lifestyles do not connect up with our environment very well. In nature, organisms (trees, mammals, etc) will adapt to the seasons naturally – for example slowing down in Winter. Because we plough through seasons without even acknowledging the environmental changes, our internal balance is most vulnerable at the cusp of the seasons.

Western research supports this idea as can be seen here: Seasonality of viral infections: mechanisms and unknowns

Because of this, I have strongly recommended having booster (or maintenance) treatment at the season boundaries. The treatment will support the balance and flow of your Life Force when it is most prone to go askew. The different elements (mentioned elsewhere) have corresponding connections with different parts of the year too. This makes your most important element (causative factor) especially need treatment during the change into its corresponding season.

Conventionally, we divide the year’s season into four – Spring, Summer, autumn and Winter. Energy-wise, we recognise five parts of the year where nature changes need to be acknowledged. The four conventional seasons are accepted as they are but an additional “season” has to be added. This is the Late Summer (or harvest) time. In fact our harvest festivals show deference to this time of year and farmers certainly will too. Typically this is in August and it splits up the long season known as Summer. So the key seasonal change months can be listed below:

  • March – change into Spring (Wood)
  • May – change into Summer (Fire)
  • August – change into Late Summer (Earth)
  • October – change into Autumn (Metal)
  • December – change into Winter (Water)

Please be aware that nature does not strictly follow our dates and each season can come early or late. Going by the changes seen in our environment is a better way of measuring the season changing than the above list! Anyway the treatment time is not strictly set either – there’s some leeway in when your seasonal treatment should take place.

I’ve got a video on this site made years ago that illustrate the seasons : Seasonal Maintenance Treatment

For a seasonal treatment appointment please call or text 07722 358149  (tap the number on mobiles)


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