Seasonal Maintenance Treatment

Once you start to get better, how you can continue improving and maintain a good level of health and well-being by having a treatment when the seasons start to change. My video below explains  how the seasonal shifts affect us.

Video length: 10:36 minutes

Suggested treatment months are:
Autumn – October
Winter – December
Spring – March
Summer – May
Late Summer – August

Video Transcript

This video look at the seasons in nature and because we are part of nature, how it affect us as well. To illustrate this we can start looking at the approaching Autumn and how the leaves will soon turn colour and eventually they will drop off. the temperature starts to go down n and various things happen with animals. Squirrels get busy storing their food in the gardens and in your pots as well. And of course the days get shorter an the nights draw in and how we respond to this depends on our character and what we are used to and what we expect of the summer that’s just gone. It could be a slightly sad occasion as we look at the approaching winter. And the colder days and nights -so there is a sense of melancholy as we enter the season of beautiful colours but we might also be happy that there’s going to be nice cold crisp days and people who cant stand too much heat will appreciate this. The effect of autumn is most noticeable in the month of October, when definitely the leaves start to turn colour as well. Yo adjust to the seasonal change it is best to spend as much time as possible in nature which help our bodies get used to the outside changes. Lifestyles could also be changed to prepare for winter so we are not so active like having parties etc. also eating foods that are in season will also help. You probably don’t feel like so much of the tropical fruits. So more foods of our local regions could be better – diets with more neutral tastes. So next is the winter season – I would say this is in December when days are very short and all the leaves he gone, especially we have problems like SAD that kicks in about now as we have lack of light. We should actually like in nature which has slowed down and gone into hibernation and the trees and plants also slows down. Ideally we should also slow down but this is not what happens in our society where we continue at full pace. We have a non-synchronous way of life when it comes to being in line with nature. We can adjust by taking more rests if possible and also increasing the sleep amount as we have more night time available now. And now we enter the glorious season of spring . it is a time when there are a lot more activity at a very fast rate. Early bulbs will now come out and various flowers, like forsythia and what happens is that if we haven’t rested enough in winter, we wont have enough energy to start being as active. It is a good time to start new projects, DIY or work ones as our energy would have increased tremendously – if we don’t have this energy due to not resting in winter, we will suffer now. Towards the later half of May we enter the summer season when we have more social activities, parties, barbecues and visiting friends. This is when the frantic growth of the previous season gives way to days that we feel ready to socialise more and to get active with sports, gardening and other outdoor activities. This is summer when in Britain, we don’t always have what we expect – but this is better than some equatorial places where summer can get too much. Sometime in August we have the harvest season where we see combine harvesters in the fields and on the roads as well. We can look at this time of year as the “late summer” as the leaves haven’t turned colour or fallen off yet as in October. But we can still get very nice days when we have the Harvest festivals take place. We can look back and enjoy the rewards of the hard work we put in earlier in spring and summer. This then brings us full circle back to October – to autumn again. The point of this video is to show that as nature changes our inner bodily needs also changes, but in modern society we don’t honour this need for ourselves, so our energies can sometimes go out of balance, leading to us being more prone to things like, infections, aches and pains, etc. And our muscles are less able to do the work it can do in spring and summer. All thes issues are generally caused by us not going with nature and even at times, going against the natural flow. Take at Christmas time, at the peak of the long nights, instead of resting as nature demands, we can get busier as we try and organise celebratory events with meals and families and friends. And also our jobs might get busier as we try and do more before we take the seasonal break. Now practitioners like myself can use acupuncture can help by readjusting the energies in ourselves when we go out of sorts. So I recommend that at the change of seasons, take up a course of acupuncture or come for a seasonal maintenance treatment. Thank you very much for watching the video and all the best of health to you.

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