Triple Burner to Gall Bladder Block

This block can cause local problems including headaches and sore eyes. It can also show symptoms along both the Triple Burner and Gall Bladder meridians. The video shows what happens and how your acupuncturist can clear it.

Video duration 2:23 minutes

There are no stretches to keep this block clear but I will later on cover meridian “skin brushing” techniques that will help keep this block at bay. This method is also derived from the Qi Gung practices.

Video Transcript

Triple burner starts from the ring finger then along the hand and arms and around the shoulders, up the neck, round the outside of the ear and ends up by the side of the eyebrow. Now to understand engine energy transfer from one channel to another, we have to go back to the penultimate point on the triple burner channel. From this point the energy transfer happen to the entry point of the gallbladder which is at the edge of the eye and it is the dark green line that you can see. Here it’s the exit point of the triple burner – the energy then transfer from the exit point across the Deep channel to the entry point of the gallbladder channel. However a blockage can occur in the deep connecting channel. This block will stop the transfer of energy and the reason for blockage can be very varied. It could be constitutional it could be lifestyle or even the environment. This is where acupuncture comes in – start to needle the exit point of the triple burner and this can also be done with crystals. Needle the one and then move over to the entry point of the gallbladder. The blockage is cleared the energy can then traves to the entry point of the gallbladder and carries on along the gallbladder channel.

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